Project Services

Our organization is comprised of a team of Qualified, Seasoned and highly skilled professionals, and MIH has the ability to take on commitments of the construction of plants and other installations for various market segments within the Project Management scope of work

Planning & Engineering

Identification of WBS elements/items or Work Packages, which allows for an effective cost and project schedule control (accounts plan)

Structuring project budget over design and project management tools platform in real-time integration with administrative and financial control systems.

Preparation and follow-up of the detailed master plan (WBS-based) by applying planning and quantitative risk analysis tools in order to measure objective achievements, determine project status, and perform deviation assessment and results forecasting.

Preparation and financial planning follow-up and project’s physical progress and timed expenditures, including:

  • Cost Control
  • Progress control
  • Budget control
  • Cash flow
  • Cost control reports
  • Progress and closeout reports (including lessons learned)
  • Communications/correspondence
  • Risk response plan and control
  • Document control with special emphasis on technical deliverables
  • Tendencies and deviation analysis (critical path analysis and risk qualitative/quantitative analysis)
  • Coordination with contractors and work inspection team for quick collection of project progress data
  • Integrated handling of project changes, including quality requirements, scope and deviations (cost/time),
  • Weekly and monthly project report preparation

Bidding & Procurement

Our procurement team has extensive experience in the selection and contracting process of manufacturers and suppliers through.

Bid request, evaluation and negotiation providing customers with maximum profit

Supplier and contractor identification and selection

Kick-off Meeting (KOM)

Close follow-up of suppliers during all stages (Engineering, Procurement and Manufacturing)

Manufacturing program control

Expediting services in manufacturing whenever needed

Generating reports for expediting

Early Transport and logistics planning by using a shipping matrix per each requirement

Selection process of national and international agents and carriers based on the best technical and commercial practices

Preparation of all shipping instructions and documents, shipments and traffic

Early activation of Procurement Strategic Plan

Monitoring and Control of each function within a project

Follow-up report preparation (Milestone Report).

The bottom line success of our Procurement team in projects stems from strategically establishing a procurement plan early on, where particular actions are set up by requirements, and where possible suppliers and/or contractors, budget, start-up dates, process duration (negotiations, allocation, manufacturing, transport) as well as the associated technical and commercial risks and their mitigation.

Project Procurement

Site Construction

Construction Manpower supply

MIH’s Construction Management Team is qualified, experienced and capable of ensuring excellent project results through the achievement of high productivity, quality and safety levels during all of the work phases, including highly complex projects.

Our construction services include supply of Qualified and experienced Managers & Engineers:

  • Construction Management
  • Project inspection and supervision
  • Constructability
  • Labour relations
  • Project planning and control
  • Storage and material handling
  • Subcontract administration
  • Safety management
  • Quality assurance and control

Erection & Commissioning

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MIH provides services, for revamped or modified or New plant pre- commissioning / commissioning /Shutdown projects, and can be associate with client project management for following:

Team building and management set up for commissioning of industrial plants

Execution strategy design in line with plant timely start-up

Development of Pre-commissioning/commissioning protocol testing, as per equipment and customer specifications and requirements, including all the documentation required for commissioning to be completed

Field equipment diagnostics for improvement and process optimization proposals

Execution of all pre-commissioning and commissioning activities and testing

Design of control strategies for process automation and optimization

Start-up, implementation and equipment, package and process plants stabilization activities

Troubleshooting in automation and control systems

Preservation and preventive maintenance plans execution

Resources, materials, tools and consumable parts programming for commissioning and start-up execution activities

Process plant operation and maintenance

Certification and approval of FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) and SAT (Site Acceptance Tests) applicable to equipment and systems

Service and technical support programming and coordination from equipment manufacturers

Development of plans for training and implementation of new equipment and operators familiarization with plant activities

Plant operators training

Dossier preparation of commissioning and plant handover activities

Support and assistance in guarantee testing and plant performance activities

MIH’s integrated services define and develop on-site maintenance and project management, resulting in production efficiency and optimised overall project lifecycle costs.

Revamping, improvement, modification, debottlenecking and enhancement projects can be executed smoothly, either on the entire facility or on individual sections or specific equipment, using an EPC approach.